Phone queries and complaints on the Properties Management Office are provided in all buildings under the management of this company; home owners/tenants can directly notify the Properties Management Office. Additionally, there is 24-hour phone hotline and all home owners/tenants are welcome to comment, in order to improve the services that we provide.

Address : 21/F , Well Tech Centre , 9 Pat Tat Street San Po Kong , Kowloon , HK

Phone : (852) 2545 - 5109

Fax ﹕(852) 2543 - 2161

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If you have any query, please fill in the following form properly; the company will contact you as soon as possible.

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To strengthen communication with home owners/tenants, suggestion boxes are set up in the halls of all buildings so that they can provide their suggestions and comments, to enable continual improvement of the services in all buildings.