Hang Yick Properties Management Limited

Mission and Goal

Great prospective

Hang Yick aims to become the premier real estate and asset management institution.


To improve operational efficiency and provide customers with excellent services by our professional & outstanding team.

Core value

  • Adhere to the philosophy of integrity,
  • Focus on human concerns,
  • Achieve a high level of professionalism,
  • Make continuous improvement,
  • Be creative and innovative,
  • Making contributions to the society.

Interactive management mode

Hang Yick takes 4 indices as the service base, namely : customer demand, customer review, internal auditing and quality assurance system. Inspection and review are regularly conducted in 9 service categories, including service commitment, financial management and planning, facilities and contract management, security service, development of human resources, occupational safety and health, hygiene and environmental protection, social accountability, information and communication. The service plan is adjusted in a timely manner through evaluations at regular intervals and in coordination with the continuous change of the social environment and different demands from customers.

Professional team

In asset management, we give top priority to human beings and conduct intensified talent training to ensure professional, honest, and integral services. In training outstanding talents, we provide employees with regular professional on-the-job training in order to optimize team cooperation and professionalism.