Hang Yick Properties Management Limited

Service Pledge

Customer Services

Items Handling Time
Telephone Enquiries/Comments Immediate Reply/ Follow up by onsite staff
Written, Email Enquiries/Comments Within 3 working days
Random Household Visits for Management Services Once per month
Satisfaction Survey Once a year
Incorporated Owners (IO)/Owners Committee (OC) Meeting Minutes To be submitted in 10 working days to the relevant IO/OC for perusal

Financial Management

Items Handling Time
Monthly Income and Expenditure Report To be posted every month
Audit Report To be issued by an appointed auditor upon the end of each financial year
Management fee enquiries of individual units Immediate verbal reply within office hours

Facilities Management

Items Handling Time
Fresh water, flush water, electricity, and air-conditioning supply system error Within 15 minutes by onsite staff
General lighting Within 24 hours
Lighting facilities require special tools Within 2 days upon receiving report
Inspection of flushing pumps or fresh water pumps Monthly
Inspection of Main Switch Room Monthly
Inspection of the Generator Set Monthly
Inspection of Fire Facilities Every 3 months
Cleaning of Flush Water Tanks Every 6 months
Cleaning of Fresh Water Tanks Every 3 months

Environmental Management

Items Handling Time
Post/update environmental information Every month
Cleaning of common corridors Daily
Clubhouse toilets/changing room follow up Patrol twice a day during opening hours
Regular cleaning items Execute according to monthly plan
Trees visual check Monthly

Security Services

Items Handling Time
Emergency Call Attending within 5 minutes
Change of main entrance codes Every 3 months

Crisis Handling

Items Handling Time
Fire, gas/chemical leakage, typhoon, flooding, lift trap and public health drill At least once a year
Broken pipes and electricity failure drill At least twice a year
Post health and safety information Once a month
Lift Trap with passengers Inform the lift contractor and relevant government department immediately upon receiving report
Safety Inspection At least once a year
Overflowing water tanks drill (Including: Fresh water tank, flush water tank and fire water tank) At least once per system