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Properties Management Knowledge

Properties Management Knowledge

Precautions for Joining Partnership

  • A. When a home owner/tenant moves in, please notify the Property Management Office in advance to arrange for the use of elevators.
  • B. Considering the benefit of others, a home owner/tenant should, as much as possible, conduct the moving of heavy and cumbersome objects within times when relatively few people use the elevator, and at the same time, comply with the directions of management personnel.
  • C. For his own benefit, a home owner/tenant should personally supervise and monitor all matters involved in moving in, and ensure that the house garden/building walls, elevator and public areas are not damaged in the process of carrying articles; at the same time, it shall be necessary to clear up all litter when the carrying work is completed, otherwise the person in question must compensate for any and all resulting losses.
  • D. The property management office shall do its best to coordinate matters related to the moving in of various home owners /tenants, and it is hoped that home owners/tenants will provide sufficient cooperation.

1. Precautions for using electricity

Sufficient electric lighting fixtures and sockets have been installed for all units. For the sake of safety, make sure to avoid causing an electrical overload, and change electrical wires or sockets immediately after they are discovered to be damaged or worn. Any electrical line engineering shall be carried out by Government-registered electrical engineering personnel .

2. Precautions on water supply

The work of connecting any washing machine and repairing any water pipes shall be done by a plumber licensed by the Water Supplies Department. When going out, it is necessary to check whether water pipes are properly closed. If the house garden/public area of the building or any other unit suffers a loss because of water leakage from a certain unit, the home owner/tenant in question shall be responsible for all losses caused through negligence.

3. Precautions for using gas fuel

The work of connecting any cooking stove or water heater must be done by an approved contractor; if any gas leakage is suspected, close the general switch immediately to cut off the gas supply, open windows to provide proper air circulation and immediately notify the relevant gas supply company to dispatch personnel to check for gas leakage. A home owner/tenant shall regularly check the gas device at his/her home to ensure safety. If you have any questions, please consult Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited or the relevant gas supplier for advice.

4. Precautions for renovation change

If a home owner/tenant wants to conduct any renovation work within his/her unit, it shall be necessary to go to the Properties Management Office to make application, and to pay the renovation deposit. The house owner/tenant must determine in advance whether this work violates the regulations of the relevant governmental department. If any work for which the written approval of the Buildings Department or other relevant department has not been obtained is started, it may be required to restore the changed part to the original appearance to the satisfaction of the relevant department, with all the necessary expenses to be paid by the home owner/tenant in question.

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General Rules for Tenants

1. Fire escape

To preserve environment sanitation and keep the fire escape unobstructed, do not place articles such as garbage cans, flower pots, bicycles, shoe racks, or umbrellas in public areas, corridors, and stairways.

2. Airing and drying clothes in the sun

In order to maintain an elegant appearance, do not air or dry clothes in the sun on windows, in public areas, or on the roof-deck.

3. Clear up garbage

The Properties Management Office and cleaning company shall arrange the proper times to collect garbage; all home owners/tenants must pack their garbage in plastic garbage bags, and then place them in the designated position on the backstairs, so that cleaners can clear them up.

4. Keep house garden/building clean

The Properties Management Office employs a cleaning company to handle cleaning of the public areas of the house gardens/buildings, but it is necessary for all home owners/tenants to fully cooperate with the company to keep a clean environment. It is sincerely hoped that home owners/tenants can help the company and tell family members not to litter, and not to throw articles from high altitudes.

5. Raising pets

If no fewer than two home owners/tenants living in any part of this house garden lodge reasonable complaints, no cat, dog, livestock, bird or any other animal shall be kept or raised as a pet in any house unit. No pet, such as a cat or dog, shall enter any house garden entertainment venue in order to prevent the fouling of any place within the area of the house garden.

6. Noise

To preserve a quiet environment, home owners/tenants shall not make any noise during the time from 11 at night to 9 in the morning in order to avoid disturbing neighbors. According to the Noise Control Ordinance, no excessive noise shall be made at any time.

7. Public areas

To enable people to enjoy a sound living environment, all home owners/tenants are invited to be considerate of themselves and others and provide full cooperation. Please do not pick flowers or grass, and do not litter or vandalize public facilities.If you see anyone intentionally vandalizing public facilities, you are advised to immediately dissuade the person or to notify the Properties Management Office.

8. Shrine

To keep environment clean and sanitary, do not place shrines or burn incense or candles at the doors or in public areas.

9. Balcony and operating floor

Home owners/tenants shall not enclose the balcony and operating floor.

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Tips on Crime Prevention

  • A. When you meet any suspicious person or hear a suspicious voice, immediately report the matter to the house garden/building properties attendant.
  • B. Do not open the gate at the entrance for a visitor until you ascertain his/her identity.
  • C. Whenever you meet anyone who claims to be a worker for a government or public organization, it is necessary to check his/her certificate to confirm his/her identity.
  • D. Properly close the ventilation positions for the cool air and air intake fan to prevent anyone from entering the house.
  • E. A light should be left on when you go out at night.
  • F. Before going on a trip, it is necessary to suspend deliveries of newspaper and any other items.
  • G. In order to prevent thieves from entering the house when you are out, do not post a sign saying that the “Home owner is out”.
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The management company hopes to provide home owners/tenants with a place to live and work in peace. All house garden/building management and security personnel are instructed, solely for the purpose of security, to query the identities of all strangers who enter the house gardens, and it is believed that all home owners/tenants agree. We apologise in advance if it causes you any inconvenience when the management company conducts a query, and all home owners/tenants are kindly invited to notify their relatives and friends /customers of the measures relating to visitors.

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Tips on Fire Prevention

  • A. Do not overload electrical wires, or connect too many electrical appliances to the same socket in order to prevent the wires and appliances from overloading and touching off the fire alarm.
  • B. Do not store hazardous or inflammable articles in indoor areas. Hazardous articles such as matches and lighters should be put in places that children cannot reach.
  • C. Do not place miscellaneous articles that block the passage and stairs at any time.
  • D. Please keep the smoke prevention doors between the stairs closed.
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Measures necessary to be taken the fire alarm sounds

  • A. Keep calm, break the fire prevention clock glass in the corridor, and press the alarm switch.
  • B. Immediately call 999 to report the alarm or notify the Properties Management Office and neighbors.
  • C. Where the situation permits, it is advisable to attempt to use the fire extinguishing pipe or fire extinguisher to put out the fire. If the fire is uncontrollable, you must escape as quickly as possible.
  • D. Turn off the general electricity and gas switches.
  • E. Close all doors and windows. Make sure that the smoke prevention door is closed, so as to prevent the fire and heavy smoke from spreading.
  • F. If you encounter any heavy smoke, you must place your body as close to the floor as possible and cover your face with a wet towel.
  • G. Do not use an elevator for escape; it is necessary to exit by the stairs. If the passage is blocked by smoke or fire, you may go to the refuge floor (if any) or to the roof-deck and wait for rescue.
  • H. When a fire is caused by an electrical appliance, immediately turn off the switch and use a carbon dioxide extinguisher to put out the fire; do not pour water on an electrical fire, so as to avoid electric shock.
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Tips on Preventing Wind

Before the arrival of a typhoon, please take the following wind prevention measures:
  • A. All flower pots and articles that can be blown down by the wind should be moved back into the room.
  • B. All home owners/tenants shall be responsible for keeping unobstructed the water channels on balconies/operating floor/platform/roof-deck, and shall move furniture and articles placed on balconies/operating floor/roof-deck back into the rooms.
  • C. Close all doors and windows.
  • D. After the typhoon, it is necessary to replace any broken glass immediately.
  • E. Should you need any help, please contact the Properties Management Office.
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