Press Release

A New Chapter in Theme Year Unveils - "Year of Intelligence"



The "Year of Intelligence" of the Henderson Property Management Department has been officially launched on the 7th day of the Year of Dragon. Councilor Mrs. Regina Ip, Convener of the Executive Council, Under Secy for Housing Mr. Victor Tai, Ms. Malissa Pang, Chairman of Agency for Volunteer Service, and distinguished guests from the political and commercial sectors were also present at the ceremony. Mrs. Regina Ip and Mr. Victor Tai, shared speeches on the ceremony, both praised the contribution of Henderson Property Management Department has been given to the society over the years from the past established Theme Years. Henderson Land Executive Director Mr. Suen Kowk Lam also expressed his hope that colleagues would use their "intelligence", which is in response to the needs of the great times, to distinguish right from wrong, to overcome hardships and to solve problems while creating opportunities. Henderson Property Management Department pioneered the industry and established a "theme year" from 1997, using themes that meet social needs as a year-round publicity and activity programmes to promote civic education to its customers, employees and business partners, participate in volunteer activities so as to establish a harmonious community. Since 1998, there were different Theme Years, including Year of Fire Prevention, Year of Cleanliness, Year of Environmental Protection, Year of Education, Year of Courtesy, Year of Team Spirit, Year of Integrity, Year of Safety, the Year of Diligence & Saving, Year of Caring, Year of Senior, Year of Youth, and Year of Reforms. Over the past 26 years, with the friendly support of all parties, satisfactory results have been achieved.