Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Hang Yick Properties Management Limited, a subsidiary of Henderson Land Development Company, takes the 6 corporate governances: Adhere to the philosophy of integrity, Focus on Human Concerns, Achieve a high level of Professionalism, Make Continuous Improvement, Be Creative and Innovative and Make Contributions to the Society, established a series of people-oriented policies.

The Top Management takes the lead to set up a Leading Committee of which governing 7 respective functional committees. Under supervision of the Leading Committee, the eight functional committees have their unique function and profile, in response to provide communication platform to both Corporate and employees. Under such circumstance, the Corporate and employees could have better understanding mutually and run to achieve the goal.

The Seven Sub-Committees are:
1. Work Process Committee
2. Sustainability Committee
3. Safety and Health Committee
4. Talents and Recreation Committee
5. Compassion Services Committee
6. Environmental Protection Committee
7. Innovation and Technology Committee

The Sustainability Committee is a composition of the Chairman of the rest 6 Leading Committees. Its main function is to formulate policies about environmental protection and social development. The committees convene seminars against corruption and integrity to our employees regularly. Besides, Code of Practice was formulated which requires all employees to declare any potential conflict of interest and to be fully aware of the Corporate policies on receiving gifts and benefits.

2022 Employee Satisfaction Survey Result Summary

The Annual Staff Satisfaction Survey was conducted from 5-19 December 2022 online by the Chinese University of Hong Kong as our appointed institution.

In total, 2,468 employees of Hang Yick and Well Born participated in the survey focusing on the below 4 key areas:
1. Job Satisfaction
2. Sense of Purpose
3. Level of Happiness at Work
4. Level of Stress at Work

Overall, the satisfaction rate of employees shows a high satisfaction result of 77.3% in average.