Hang Yick Properties Management Limited

Press Release

Manpower Developer Award Scheme - Super MD


Hang Yick have participated in the ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme for 10 years advocating the training and development of local talents in Hong Kong. After our efforts paid in the past ten years, In 2020, we have been presented with the Super MD Award by the Employees Retraining Board to recognize our contribution. The Scheme aims to promote and cultivate a corporate culture focusing on manpower training and development, to heighten the awareness of the employers and employees of the importance of on-the-job training and continuous upgrading, and also to recognize and support employers who are committed to the implementation of manpower training and development strategies. Henderson Land Property Management Department has had a long partnership with the Employees Retraining Board. Not only we hire the graduates from the scheme to work in our managing estates, but also actively develop new training courses in order to elevate the overall standard of the industry and enhance the chance of graduate employment.