Hang Yick Properties Management Limited

Press Release

Quality Water Recognition Scheme for Buildings (QWRSB)- Hang Yick


Henderson Land Group Property Management Department – Hang Yick Property Management had been participating in a great contribution to the proper maintenance of internal water supply systems which have been awarded numbers of gold, silver and blue certificates of Quality Water Recognition Scheme for Buildings (QWRSB). The Director of Water Supplies, Mr Lam Tin-sing has presented the certificates at the annual presentation ceremony for the QWRSB. To enable our residents to have greater confidence of the water quality at the tap, Hang Yick has devoted considerable resources to conduct self-assessments in replumbing and on maintenance of Fresh Water Plumbing System to the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Name of Buildings (Hang Yick)awarded the Quality Water Recognition Scheme for Buildings Certificate 2014 : GOLD : Beverly Hill, Sunshine City, The Tolo Place, Sheung Shui Ctr., Metropolitan Rise, Well Tech Centre, Royal Commercial Ctr., Bella Vista SILVER : The Trend Plaza, 135 Bonham Strand Trade Ctr., Cité 33, Imperial Court, The Sparkle, Suncrest Tower, Royal Terrace, Wealthy Court, Winsome House, Win Plaza, Winsome Park, Newton Harbour View, Newton Harbour View Tower 2, Supernova Stand, Skyline Plaza BLUE : Flora Plaza, Paradise Square, Hip Kwan Commercial Bldg., Dragon Ctr., 11 Macdonnell Road, CentrePlace, CentreStage, Hing Yip Commercial Ctr., Casa Bella