Hang Yick Properties Management Limited

Press Release

“Lai See recycling and re-use Action” by Greeners Action


Greeners Action has been organizing “Lai See recycling and re-use Action” in the its ninth year. More than 12 million Lai See pockets have been recycled from last year. The result was very encouraging. “Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick and Well Born) as always have actively participated and sponsored such event which have set up Lai See recycle collect station in our 12 different estates. “Lai See recycling and re-use Action” will be held from 27/2/2018 until 19/3/2017. The launched ceremony was inaugurated officially by Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment to celebrate Chinese New Year yet promote environmental protection in reduction in resource consumption by recycling and re-use of Lai See.